Art Dolls:
Mixed media dolls, 
assemblage art dolls
and "altered" Barbie dolls
My mixed media art dolls came about because I have a love for working with many different mediums and sometimes they overlap.  I like to sew and paint and work with clay and paper mache, hence my art dolls.  They are all created in my head with no patterns what-so-ever.  I can usually visualize what I want to do and 80% of the time they turn out better than I had planned.

Some people find my assemblage art dolls "creepy" but they need love too.  I don't do blood or gore I just give people a vision of "looking at it a different way".  I get a certain satisfaction by putting a baby doll's head on a candle pedestal and creating hair out of decorative yarn.  The more my boys make a strange face at it, the more I know I'm doing something right.

My altered dolls are different from my assemblage dolls because with my "altered dolls" I leave their bodies intact but alter their appearance.  I mainly work with Barbie dolls, just because she is so recognizable, but there are others as well.
  1. Long Neck Lucy
  2. Swivel Head Sally
  3. Little Miss Muffet's Birthday is October 31st
  4. Close up of Little Miss Muffet's shoes
  5. Miss Swirley-doo
  6. Halloween Kitty
  7. Jump for Joy it's Halloween!
  8. Button Girl
  9. Christmas, Christmas time is here
  10. Miss Halloween Kitty
  11. Unfinished
  12. So what if I don't have arms
  13. My little ballerina
  14. Close-up of zentangle altered Barbie
  15. Zentangle altered Barbie
  16. Woodland Barbie
  17. Close up of Woodland Barbie
  18. Flowers, Trees and clouds altered Barbie
  19. Back side of Flowers, Trees and Clouds Barbie
  20. Gold and Feathers
  21. I'm not scary
  22. Pig-Cat
  23. Love My Dreads
  24. Hola!
  25. Pretty in Pink
  26. Going to Pick Berries
  27. Shy Ballerina
  28. In the Forest
  29. Looking In
  30. Steampunk-ish Girlie